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'Iron Dragon'



'Alien Revisited'

'Empathy with the Devil'


'Rose & Skulls"



'Insision - Revealed and Worshipped' CD Artwork (Earache Records)

'Jaldaboath - The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts' CD Artwork (Death to Music)

'Heavy Metal Killers' CD Compilation Artwork (Earache Records)

'Ewigkeit - Conspiritus' CD Artwork (Earache Records)

'Ewigkeit - Radio Ixtlan' Internal CD Artwork (Earache Records)

'White Wizzard E.P.' CD Cover (Earache Records)

'Dawn Trader - Castle' CD Cover (From the Ashes Records)

'White Wizzard - Flying Tigers' Internal CD Artwork (Earache Records)

'Interbreeding: Industrial Cyberlords' CD Compilation Artwork (BLC Productions)

'Insision - Ikon' CD Artwork (Dental Records)

'Annihilation & Seduction' CD Compilation Artwork (BLC Productions)

'S.E.M;I - Among the Ruins' CD Artwork (BLC Productions)

'Hard Rain' CD Artwork (SPV)

'Little Match Girl' CD Artwork (Planetghost)

'Metal Survival Kit' CD Boxset (Earache Records)

'Bobaflex' CD Cover (Eclipse Records)

'Ewigkeit - Return to the Land of Fog' CD Cover (Death to Music)

'Evile - Cemetery Gates' Digital Download Cover (Earache Records)

'Digital Release Covers' (Planetghost)

'Worldwide Metal' CD Boxset (Earache Records)

'Beatallica" Cover submission

'Burn' Magazine Cover Mounts (Earache Records)

'Trotters Pump Clips' (Perkins Wine Traders)

'Pump Clips' (Leatherbritches)

'Pump Clips' (Leatherbritches Brewery)

'Bees' (Warman & Bannister)

'Battle Maps' (Arcadia Publishing)

'Woods of Ypres'